Improved cancer screenings have contributed to longer lives post-diagnosis. Early detection through routine screenings enhances treatment efficacy. Unexplained weight loss is a noteworthy symptom to address with your doctor, along with four other potential signs.

Unexplained Weight Loss

If you experience unexplained weight loss, particularly 10 pounds or more, contact your doctor. While it may be benign, in rare instances, it could signal an early stage of cancer.


Persistent extreme fatigue, not relieved by rest, could be an early cancer sign. Cancer utilizes nutrients for growth, leading to profound tiredness. While various factors can cause fatigue, if it significantly impacts your quality of life, consult your doctor.


While fever is typical for colds and flu, recurring fever, especially at night without other signs of infection, may indicate a potential link to cancer. Pay attention to these symptoms, including night sweats.


While pain is commonly associated with various health issues, prolonged and unexplained pain may indicate an underlying disease, including cancer. Cancer-related pain can result from a mass or tumor affecting surrounding areas, released chemicals, or metastasis. If persistent pain raises concerns, consult your doctor for appropriate guidance.

Skin Change

Skin, our largest organ, can reveal overall health. Jaundice (yellowing of eyes or fingertips) may indicate infection or cancer; contact your doctor if observed. Concerning mole changes, such as asymmetry, irregular borders, color changes, or growth, should prompt a doctor’s call. Be aware of other potential early-stage cancer symptoms.

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