• Patient Navigators
    Personalized assistance for rural patients, guiding them during medical trips
  • Information Centers
    Established e-information centers / helplines for patients coming from rural areas for healthcare inquiries in big cities.
  • Multilingual Staff
    Multilingual staffs/partners trained to be culturally sensitive towards rural patients
  • Collaboration with Hospitals in Rural India
    Partnering with local hospitals in district level to support rural patients during their medical travel
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
    Creating multilingual public awareness content about healthcare resources in big cities for rural travelling patients

Mangohomz is actively working on improving awareness and addressing language barriers for rural patients. By collaborating with local communities, the company aims to support patients seeking treatment in big cities. These sustained efforts aim to bridge communication gaps and assure patients that Mangohomz will be there for them throughout their medical trip. Understanding their unique needs and challenges, Mangohomz strives to create a more supportive environment also for patients travelling from rural areas in India.

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