Medical infrastructure is critical, but patient comfort is also important. Patients frequently need to travel to locations with modern medical facilities, which makes it challenging to locate reasonable and suitable hotel near hospital. Additionally, individuals may require medical accommodations near treatment centers in India for complex diseases and procedures such as fertility treatment, cancer, cardiology, and advanced dental procedures. One such disease related to female fertility is Endometriosis. It is a prevalent disease, affecting one in ten Indian women.


Endometriosis affects 176 million women globally, and in India, it affects around 25 million, which on average means one in ten women suffers. It is a chronic medical condition regarding which not much information is known to ordinary folks. Its economic impact in India is estimated at $15.7 billion annually. This type of disorder is as prevalent as diabetes and is found in 1 out of 10 women. It takes an average of seven years to diagnose.

Poster of the below the belt documentary to raise the awareness about the endometriosis symptoms

Raise Awareness about Symptoms 

Raising awareness about Endometriosis is crucial in a country like India, where women’s health awareness is limited. Spreading awareness is the best way for people to learn about it and understand how Endometriosis affects countless women. You can watch the following Belt documentary to learn more about how it affects women in their regular life (Link). The documentary was directed by Shannon Cohn, who decided to spread awareness about the disorder because of her experience. 

Raising awareness about Endometriosis and prioritizing comfort during medical trips. It can enhance the healing process and improve the patient’s overall well-being.

The Healing Power of Comfort: How Staying Comfortably Can Accelerate Your Recovery

The Healing Power of Comfort explores how the body and mind work together and how staying in a comfortable environment. It can contribute to a faster recovery. Whether you’re facing a physical illness, injury, or emotional trauma, creating a comfortable space. It can help you feel more at ease, improve your sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety. Which ultimately enhance your healing process. Remember to appreciate the power of comfort in your journey toward recovery.

Challenges in Accessing Medical Treatment 

While India is becoming a hub for medical tourism, finding affordable and convenient medical accommodations remains challenging. Mangohomz is an AI-enabled medical travel technology organization that offers cost-effective and patient-friendly accommodations close to the treating hospital, with services such as transport from airports, stations, and bus stands & handholding of patients throughout the treatment process.

Mangohomz Services 

Mangohomz offers affordable, patient-friendly rooms near major hospitals with a dedicated care executive and verified properties.

At Mangohomz, we understand that being near the treating hospital is crucial to minimize the time and cost of travel. That’s why Mangohomz offers accommodations near key hospitals across India, such as the renowned AIIMS hospital in New Delhi, the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, Medanta in Delhi, etc.

Mangohomz offers patient-friendly rooms with a welcome kit and a care executive for stress-free medical travel. Our verified properties are conveniently located near major hospitals..

Book a comfortable and affordable stay with Mangohomz during your medical travel, and let us take care of you while you focus on your health and well-being.


Choose Mangohomz for your medical travel and experience comfortable, affordable, and convenient accommodations near hospitals. Our patient-friendly homes ease the stress and financial burden of complex diseases like Endometriosis, providing advanced medical facilities and a dedicated team. With us, patients and their families can focus on treatment and be assured of a worry-free stay.

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