A significant portion of our user base comprises female travelers, and often, solo female travelers utilize Mangohomz for their medical journeys. A notable observation is that women tend to prioritize the health of their family members while neglecting their own well-being. An illustrative case is that of Mrs. Sneha Singh (name changed), a 67-year-old woman from Ara, Bihar. She was accompanied by her eldest working son for medical treatment at Medanta in Delhi, utilising Mangohomz services.

Throughout her interaction with the Mangohomz care executive, she consistently expressed a reluctance to undergo tests or treatment, insisting that her son should do all his medical checkups. It underscores a common tendency among women to focus on the health of their family members while overlooking their own needs. It’s crucial to recognize that a healthy life is equally vital for all family members, including women. Encouraging preventive checkups for various diseases can significantly contribute to improving the overall well-being of women.

As a society, we should collectively strive to promote this awareness and work towards fostering a mindset that values the health of women. At Mangohomz, we are committed to spreading awareness on this matter, and we redouble our efforts to provide support whenever a female user approaches us for her medical journey.

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