“Medical travellers” are not tourists. Medical travellers specifically journey to another location in order to receive medical treatment. This type of travel is typically motivated by the desire for better treatment or a second opinion and they face challenges because the healthcare ecosystem is very unorganised. There are many challenges in finding a hospital, a patient-friendly accommodation close to the hospital, no relevant airport or station transfers, the non-availability of home medical equipment, getting hygienic food, getting an emergency medical loan, etc., and most importantly, 24/7 support.

Every travelling patient is unique.

As it has a primary focus on their healthcare needs

Patient-Friendly Rooms

Relevant pick and drop

Hygienic Food

Medical Loans

Discounted Diagnostic

24×7 support and many more

That is where Mangohomz comes into the picture, understands that they are not tourists and handles the travelling patients with care and compassion.

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