“Medical Traveller” is not a typical tourist. Medical travellers specifically journey to another location in order to receive medical treatment. This type of travel is typically motivated by the desire for better treatment or a second opinion and they face challenges because the healthcare ecosystem is very unorganised. There are many challenges in finding a hospital, a patient-friendly accommodation close to the hospital, no relevant airport or station transfers, the non-availability of home medical equipment, getting hygienic food, getting an emergency medical loan, etc., and most importantly, 24/7 support.

Every travelling patient is unique.

As it has a primary focus on their healthcare needs

Patient-Friendly Rooms

Relevant pick and drop

Hygienic Food

Medical Loans

Discounted Diagnostic

24×7 support and many more

That is where Mangohomz comes into the picture, understands that they are not tourists and handles the travelling patients with care and compassion.

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