For travelling patients, the system is very unorganised. 

Despite the emergence of pet-friendly and couple-friendly hotels driven by consumer demand, the ecosystem for travelling patients seeking medical treatment remains disorganized. Surprisingly, there is no established category known as “Patient-Friendly Rooms” to cater specifically to the unique needs of the millions of patients on the move.

Mangohomz keeps establishing a “patient-friendly ecosystem around the medical hubs to support traveling patients. Being away from home during recovery can be emotionally challenging. The patient-friendly ecosystem offers support to help traveling patients cope with the emotional aspects of their recovery and caters to their requirements of a patient-friendly room near the hospital, relevant pick-up and drop-off, discounted diagnostic service, emergency medical loans, and many more.

A patient-friendly ecosystem can significantly contribute to faster recuperation for travelling patients by providing a comfortable, supportive, and stress-free environment that meets their specific needs during the recovery process. This can lead to better outcomes and a more positive overall experience for patients and their families. Mangohomz is reshaping the way patients travel for treatment.

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