Hotels near Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai

Finding suitable accommodation near the treating hospital can be a challenging task. Densely populated urban areas have high hospital costs and a huge demand for housing, which can result in limited available accommodations with inflated prices. Many medical professionals, students, and families are looking for accommodation near the hospital. Further increasing competition and difficulty finding the suitable accommodation. 

Hospitals having shifting schedules can also make it difficult for accommodations to be within commuting distance. In a crowded city like Mumbai, this challenge may get further aggravated. Public transport may only sometimes be reliable, and parking might not always be available. Tata Memorial Hospital is a prominent treatment center for complex and life-threatening illnesses, like cancer. However, with the dearth of hotels near Tata Memorial Hospital. It becomes imperative that an alternative solution be created to cater to the needs of the patients. At Mangohomz, we attempt to bridge this gap by facilitating affordable accommodations for cancer patients and their caregiving families. 

The challenges in accessing medical treatment 

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and other metros are becoming healthcare hubs, boasting the best medical infrastructure and modern medical technologies. However, the logistical challenges add another layer of difficulty. Finding patient-friendly and economical accommodation close to Tata Memorial Hospital may pose a considerable challenge. Mangohomz exists to bridge this gap and provides safe, comfortable, and affordable hotel accommodations near Tata Memorial Hospital. 

Mangohomz is an AI-enabled medical travel technology organization that aims to provide patient-friendly and cost-effective accommodations to patients and their accompanying caregivers. Besides, we provide a slew of services, including transport from airports, railway stations, and bus stands. To make the medical stays of guests as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

We understand how important it is for families to remain focused on the health of their loved ones at such times, so we step in and take care of the rest!

Our services

  1. Proximity to significant hospitals: We provide accommodations near the treating hospital; so that time and cost of travel are minimum. With a pan-India network, we have a presence in hotels near Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. 
  2. Patient-friendly rooms: Mangohomz welcomes every patient and their family members with a welcome kit. Designed for personal use and provides a dedicated care executive to attend to any concerns raised during their stay, ensuring patient-friendly rooms.
  3. Verified properties: Our facilities are close to major treating hospitals in metropolitan cities nationwide. They are also listed and can be verified with the support of a dedicated team.
  4. Affordable stay: We acknowledge that treatments are expensive and can become a significant burden for those seeking them and their families. As you focus on the treatment bills, we ensure that you do not need to worry about the cost of your stay. Not only are the accommodations comfortable, but they are affordable too. There is  zero convenience on platform usage fee for any patient or their companion.

Book a Mangohomz facility today, and rest assured you will be provided with a comfortable, affordable, and happy stay during your medical travel. 

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